2nd day of Pencacahan


March, 18th 2016

Well, at this day my team were still trying to reach all of our respondents. Some of our eligible sample were not all friendly to be interviewed :")

At the 1st day, there was no difficulties untill we couldn't interview a woman who lived alone in her shops. She sold nasi ojaek which I really love the most!! 😆
She also sold coffee, her shops named "Warung Makan Sederhana". The day before I just came to her place, my PCL went to hers and identify her place as our eligible sample, but she refused them quite rude :")

I hoped I could help them in the next day, in the next day I went with Ari, but all I got was the same response :")
She said that she was fasting so she didn't wanna disturbed at all. Even she didn't look at me at all :")

So the next day I tried to reach her again with another PCL, Yeny. Yeny never met her before, so I hope she could help Ari and Haidar. Actually that old woman was Ari's responsibility, but I thought it would be OK if we could reach all our respondents no matter how hard and how the way we could get the data because what we did was a cencus, which we didn't allow to get any non response, it should be. So we tried again.

As I knew, that she was not look at me at all, I assume that she supposed to not knowing my face he he, so we came as stranger there. First, we bought some meal. Nasi ojaek of course  😍

But, when we came, she was still cooking at her mini kitchen at the back of the shops. So we couldn't get her attention to talk something we need to fulfill our CAPI-questionnaire :")

But we didn't stop at that. We kept trying to get her attention. We asked her for .... a coffee. We didn't know what to bought 😂

Then, after expelled 3 times, finally we enjoyed the coffee in the next shop :")
She was looking so not friendly to us at all :")

She was suspicious :"))
She expelled us because we stayed too long 😂
Not like usual customer had done 😂😂
We were waiting when we had done with her cooking equipment, but we just expelled through we bought food and beverages, though I know we actually didn't need it so. Because we have had a breakfast already :")

Finally, God helped us :")
There was a girl, who came to eat at the kitchen with her, because the table was not so big and we sit there umm quite long for a normal customer he he 😂

So, I thought she must have a special relationship with her, because we could see it. She must be a royal customer because she worked at the furniture shop just right before the widow's. So we came to the place she was working. We told her about our research and finally she wanted to help us :)
She went to the widow and asked her to accept us. Alhamdulillah, we could interview her some minutes later after that :")

Thankyou mbaknya :")

We didn't take many time to interviewed her, because she looked so busy, because she worked alone. No worker at all. She was a widow which had a hard life after the divorce and she lived alone at that place too :")
The place she used to build the shop was a land owned by a Balinese people who owned a furniture shop next to hers. I called him to get estimation of cost renting that place because it was not hers. It lended by him but with no fee :")
So I asked him what will he took as fee when the land was rented for someone else.

Alhamdulillah, no nonresponse :")
Alhamdulillah, my team can finished all tasks befor the due date ( March, 22th 2016)

Are you wondering where were we spent our "leisure time"?
We spent it for revisit :')
Ehe he

Makasih ya gengs udah mau revisit :)
Although, revisit didn't take much time to be executed, but it's quite hard to find the person we've interviewed before :)

On this day, my team and I tried to visit all of our eligible respondents. So, we maximized the time we had to find our respondents. One of our respondent can be founded only in night because his shop open from 5pm-10pm. So, we tried to reach him after he worked. Normally, we have to done all of our works before 6pm, but in some occassion it's okay If we can handle it wisely and it doesn't bother or disturb him/her while working and of course, if your mother host allowed you to go out in night. Bcz some region has its own rules about it ;)

Ohyes, We also got bonuses from our PKL experience. Yes, here they are.

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