First day of Pencacahan :)


March, 17th 2016

Day 1st of our  "Pencacahan" !!
As we would interview the owner of the shops, that usually opened above 8 am, we started to moved not as fast as 2 days before because we had listed and made an appointment with some of them, and they usually wanted to be interviewed after lunch or around 10-11am. My team and I choose to check our map again and again and recheck our LU and DUS while waiting the respondents :)

As a kortim of my team, I usually moved to ine place to other place. I accompanied my PCL as well as I could. So, this was one of the pic because not all the respondents we could catch in the picture πŸ˜‚

We forgot to take the pictureπŸ˜‚
Usually we enjoyed the time we talked and interviewed. Because it was fun and quite ............ difficult to probe, to make them know what we meant he he

Some of them usually couldn't speak Indonesian well. But luckily, most of our respondents know when we spoke Indonesian, because we interviewed the seller hehe
How could if they couldn't speak Indonesian at all? πŸ˜‚
I just can't imagine he he

This is some pictures I've got from the 1st day of pencacahaan. Not too much, but Enjoy! :)

me and Haidar interviewed the owner of Warung Nasi (lupa namanya) wkwk
They sell delicious nasi ojaek, it costs only 7,5k! You can see at that Narmada brand. It was our favorite drink all the time. It's cheap and taste well not like cheap mineral water we also know in Jakarta wkwk
Nasi Ojaek. Super delicious!!
After that, I went to Ari and Yeny. They were interviewed the owner of a Warung Minum (?)
It's one of our eligible sample. But when they were interviewing her, her children is sbout to cry and we gave him a candy so he couldn't mess with us anymore lol
Wanna know further about how we handle an almost non-respon respondents? Check this post.

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