On every situation you might not like, do not be so easy to complain


Well, I've been almost never protested anything in my life. But since I know I have someone or some people that can always hear me, I've sometimes became so annoying to protested any little thing in my life. But then, I realize, that they will not always be with me anytime, so what can I do when I couldn't find them anymore to listen to wht I think important but it's apparently not. hmm.

then I think twice.

My problem will not automatically solved by tell them and protested it away. But, then I learn how to overcome it one by one :)

well, what an Intro, yea

So, several days ago, I supposed to ask my senior about what I'm so curious about. But then I found him was so busy at that time. So, I had to find him in another place except around OTISTA lol
but, the problem is about time ._.
i have several agenda too in that weekend, so I have to choose and think it soo carefully to make it as well scheduled.

At Friday, I set my self to do the agenda. But, it was soo hectic at that day, because I was doing my group task too, so I couldn't make it as simple as I wish to be done before 02.30 pm
I supposed to attend Bunda Helvy Tiana Rosa's event at SMESCO, the place that I really want to visit since I was living in Jakarta hwhw

But... my group task ended up at 02.45 pm. and at that time my friend had came to the place we've supposed to met at that afternoon. So, I quickly went to my dorm and did the things as fast as I could.
SADLY, we have to wait for any grabcar/gocar at that time,because, the event is supposed to start at 03.00 pm until 05.30 pm. So, we hope we can feel the atmosphere still when we arrived there. But, suddenly, after a long long time waiting for gocar and grabcar.. anyway I've been rejected so many times by gocar. I don't kno why :"(
So, we chose grab after waiting and downloaded it first :v
So sad to know that the promo was end at that time, and there was no more promo code xixixi :D

When the car came and we both were already sit in, the car took the U-turn and suddenly my Whatsapp notif popped out. My senior told me that the event was ended right at that time. So sad :""")

to be continued.. :p

Then, in the next day, I manage myself to attend the event. Tough it's not sooo easy to go there. But, I keep trying to fulfill my promise ehehe
Then, I told my friend to accompany me. We agree to meet at that place. And I arrived at 3.00 pm, and not longer after that, she came with her friends too. But, apparently, her friend looked not so enjoying that event. I knew it :')
I knew she's not a person who like that kind of event, and at that time she was strolling her phone keypad to fine the nearest mall :")

As looking her response like that, I choose to let my friend go with her friend before the event started. Me, was supposed to follow them too, but I saw that the audience was not so crowded :")
So, I chose to continue, although I know that I would be alone at that event because the committee was very busy and what surprised me a lot was, one of the audience was one of my oldfriend who was joining a whatsapp group at the same day. Ah, I was so happy at that time. Alhamdulillah.. :")

So, what the conclusion is: Don't be panic and easy to complain while you in the situation you are not wanted to, but just do what you think that's it's right, go ahead, and Allah will never let you walk alone :)

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