Cerita dari Pulau Lombok (1) - From Otista to Kuta


So, this is my one of must things to write in my mind since the first day

Due to my bad gadget, I lost some contents that I had written before. It's okay. Now lemme tell you one by one :))

So, it was 12 a.m. at that day. Yes, it is Sunday and the weather is soooo hot!
Me, supposed to gather with ma classmates at that time. But I choose to pray first. As I didn't use any fan in ma room, and me wearing that sweatshirt to avoid bad weather in the night, my sweats were fallen one by one :'3

Pardon my bad english wkwkwk
I'm still trying anyway :)

We're ready to go!
Me, Naomi at my right, Kresy next to me, Luxy or Ukik the girl in that white shirt, and Dina at the back of us.

Soo excited! We're picked up by our official bus :3
Well matched with our PKL Jacket, isn't it?

We're straight to the SHIA. And finally, arrived there completely :)

Here the photo of us!

Complete!! :)

We're arrived there at 2.xx p.m.
and guess when would we fly at that time?

06.xx p.m :")
So well prepared. But I don't have any idea what to do when waiting hmm
Isn't waiting is a bored thing, huh?

So, I let myself go around and finally found the right place to take a lot of photos! YAY!

So, here THEY ARE! :)

Me was looking at that place where that planes were parking and taking off

Me and Dina were looking at My Oppo R381K, which I couldn't use it properly anymore :"
It was still good at that time.

My airport kinda look. Simple and keep me warm. Light color sweatshirt + PKL official jacket that shud be during the trip + Black skirt that always match every outfits of mine + Turkey Tyrex Square that very easy to wear + Light Grey Sneakers

Taken by: Luxy Luthfiana

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