Cerita dari Pulau Lombok (2) - From Kuta to Lombok


After praying, we're all go straight to entry the gate.

Wait. I still had a time to catch this kind of view :3

This is Me and Clara. She said, we're like a twin sometimes -__-

We're all gone together with the same flight :3
It sounds like: Class vacation!

We're arrived at Kuta in 1,5 hours. Waiting for another class in the same flight and then having some gathering with our travel agent. Most of us were so tired at that time. We haven't have any meal given by the travel agent. We're starving :v

Though, we had some bread from May*stik, but some of my friends had eaten it all when waiting for the flight. Me? Just looking at that breads. Wondering, what if I eat this? 

Our PIC had left the breads in my KOST 1 day before we go. and I just in doubt about the quality of that breads :v

Sadly, I would say this. That the travel agent were not so friendly. Not all the tourguide like that. But, when we're tired, it was very hurt when they quite loudly shout us, begging us to gather at the meeting point. Here, I was reflecting myself as Papa's co-tourguide when in airport, sometimes. From this, I got the new knowledge about what shud I do and I avoid to do when I face this kind of situation. Alhamdulillah :)

And this is us!
Ciwi-ciwi Escincauw!

Kuta, 13 Maret 10;29 PM
Pardon for the bright lights. This photo was taken in front of the minimart :3

30minutes after that, we had queue up in front of the bus. Brought our luggages and enter the bus one by one. Finally we could sit, guys! :')

While going to Padang Bai Port, we're all have a superlate dinner together :3
At the middle of the night :v
But, we're so starving. no one remember about the rule that said not to eat in the night especially in the middle of the night ;v

After that, we're sleep :3
and at almost 2.00 a.m the bus arrived in Padang Bai. So sad, because I can't enjoy the trip from Kuta to Padang Bai, because it is sooo dark and I just hard to see what's in the outside.

Fell relieved because we're arrived and fell quite worry at that time, because it was the time we should lift our luggages to the Ferry. Well, since I always travel with my parents and DAMRI, 
I haven't fell that sense of lifting that almost 15 kilos plus plus with backpack while climbing up the stairs. I just hope that my luggages could be stronger at that time. It is from my Daddy and this is one of his essential things.

Almost 1 hour waiting, finally the Fery came to us. 

Sometimes, I beg my friend's help when I need to lift it up. But, a friend of mine looked urgently need that guy to help her lift her luggages that had been broke in our way from Kuta to Lombok. So, I choose to be more independent by lifting it by myself.

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