From Padang Bai, Bali - Lembar Port, Lombok


Hello! Welcome August! :)

I've been waiting soo many times to take a sit and find a good mood to continue my story about PKL 55, and so here it is :)

So, after we arrived in Kuta we're all picked up by the bus from our travel agent to the Padang Bai, to have a short trip to our destiny!Yes, Lombok! :)
We were soo sleepy at that night, but we hadn't have any dinner yet. So, at 1 am we ate the meal, and slept while in the bus. After 2 hours, finally we arrived at Padang Bai Port, and we're so busy to lift our luggages. Me, as strong as possible lift my own-15kgs-suitcase :3

Finally, after we had done with our luggages, we'd ready for Lombok! Yay
But, wait..
Where was the ship? :"
Then we had to wait for the upcoming ships. After waiting for 1 hour, at the dawn, we went to Lombok, finally ! :))

And the first thing I saw about Lombok was this beauty scenery..

Matahari Pagi, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat

So grateful to catch this by my eyes :)

Masih gelap :)
My escincaw squads :p

Langsung kebayang lagu Matahari Pagi -nya Banda Neira^^

Several of my friends were so excited too to catch that beauty of Lombok Morning scenery ;)
Some of them also slept at the same time and loose that morning greetings from Lombok :p

Kalo gambar yang ini kebayang lagu Sebagai Kawan - nya Banda Neira :D

Good morning, Lombok :)
Here we go, 1st day in Lombok!

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