First day in Lombok :)


So, let me introduce you my PKL squads 😊

Right to the left, Haidar, Yeny, Me, and Ari ;)
We got 14 BS; 17-30B in Gerung Selatan, Gerung, Lombok Barat.

The 1st day we arrived in Lombok, we straight to our temporary basecamp. It was Asrama Haji Lombok, at Mataram. We're there to have an opening ceremony. Glad to had a chance to join it although my friends and I just got several minutes to prepare bcz we just arrived right before opening ceremony started πŸ™ˆ

After that, each of us was going to our place. Me was enrolled as Gerung Team. Glad to hear that Gerung was not so far from Mataram, so we didn't take a long time to reach Gerung πŸ˜ƒ

One thing, I was so proud to have a chance to feel the 1st Trans Mataram πŸ˜›
Yes, we've had try that bus before it operated to do its job around Mataram πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š

No longer after that, we arrived at Gerung. We dropped the boys, and went to Girls place. Oh, One thing I have tell you all, Gerung is the capital of Lombok Barat. It was our "posko" or what I named it, hmm maybe it will be nice if I say it as Gerung is our information center where all information was gathered there 😊

I lived in Memei Baiq Subur's house. In that house, I lived with Ica's team too. So here we were! πŸ™Œ

My team and Ica's lived with Memei and her daugther.

Not far from our that house, there was another house owned by Memei too. There lived my friends, they are Mugi's team, Fitri and Fina as SK's team, Seklap Lombar, and the Intamas😊

Minus Intama (Freshy, Arista & Our Seklap, Resti)

Ther first day at Gerung, we had chance to explore our region. We brought the 2009 map, as it used as SP2010 frame, and were riding the bike for the first time in Lombok πŸ™†

One fine afternoon with Ari and the Map wkwk

How about the next day??
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