2nd & 3rd day : "Penelusuran Wilayah"


15-16 Maret 2016,
it was the day to do what we've learn about how to do a research especially all about PKL. Glad to see that the questionnaire, guide book were well prepared and finished when we're ready to go and CAPI (Computer Assisten Personal Interview) programme was running so well although it was revised many times as much as the questionnaire and the books 🙉🙈🙊

My team was a CAPI team. We were supposed to do the interview by our gadget :3

Tthe 1st day of Penwil (Penelusuran Wilayah) was started with briefing with our Korwil, Achmad Kautsaro. Then we went to Lurah's office to have a lil chit chat before we did our job to identify Gerung Selatan ;)

Penelusuran wilayah was kind of job to identify the commercial building in each BS and draw it into a new map. We called it WB Map. WB map is a map that contains our target inside. It is quite different from WA Map. ( WA= Wilayah Administrasi). In economic sub-research, we were supposed to identify and interview the respondent who owned the shops. Kind of shops or commercials we must interview were supposed to a travel agent, restaurants or similiar to, and any accomodation like hotel, motel, villa and etc.

Thing we must do for the first when Penwil is, identify where the bound of our area was. It quite difficult when done by ourself without any Kaling (Kepala lingkungan) to show us his area :")

So thankyou for our kaling, Kaling Perigi and Kaling Dodokan hehe :)

My PCL, Yeny with Kaling Perigi, Mr. MANSYUR ;)
Penwil was scheduled 2 days, but Alhamdulillah our team could complete all of our BS in those 2 days though it required us to walk untill tired and 'kucel' till the sun went down :"))

What an experience!
What make us difficult sometimes was when the condition was not like 7years ago anymore. Yes, because our map reference came from SP 2010 which the map was made in 2009. Many owner of house which drew on the map were passed away or moved, and many buildings were built nowadays so it quite difficult to find the bound of each BS (Blok Sensus). It was fun and tiring of course hehe

But we really enjoyed it as our new experience that we could never get it when just sit in the class :)
Thankyou, PKL ♡
Alhamdulillah ;)

Partner penwil: Yeny puspitaningsih

Btw, one of our BS was a market. Yes a market. On penwil, we had to list all the shops we found at LU* and copied it in DUS* when it fulfil the requirements as eligible sample of our research. You must know how much the shops in market,right? And all the shops must be listed well :)

So this one of my picture when trying to get the infos of the shops in Gerung Market 😉

Our research was about a sustainable tourism in Lombok, especially Lombok Barat and Lombok Utara. The research want to see the impact of the tourism to the economy in Lombok and the locals 😉

We also interview the tourists as one of our observation unit. We wanna see how satisfied they were with Lombok tourism in case to find what Lombok must do in next year to develop its potential tourism to be sustainable in the next years ahead.

Btw, this is one of Delicious food in Lombok. Yes, it's pelecing! Yum

As the mission was completed, finally we could start our interview in 3rd day!

Continue to next post 1st day of pencacahan! :)

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